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My passion is to help horses release their emotional/physical trauma to promote their overall health and well being.  I do this by applying various bodywork and training techniques to encourage the horse to work through/ release the stored trauma. This means different things for different situations anywhere from horses who just need small changes to horses with behavioral concerns bound for euthanasia. I've found the best long term result when the owner is invested and participates in the process.

What is a session like

The first session is an  hour and a half  the following sessions are usually one hour in some cases a longer session is recommend.  The first session begins with getting to know the horse and owner talking about the concerns and setting  goals. Following that I'll do an evaluation of the horse this can include walking, light groundwork or just I'll just just put my hands on the horse.

I use different bodywork techniques as well as groundwork depending on what I feel the horses needs. 


First session is approximately 80 minutes  $125

Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes            $100

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