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Quantum Equine is located in Warrenton Virginia and services the surrounding area.

 Katelins Story 

have always been my happiest surrounded by animals, I feel they do so much for us as people they deserve to live amazing lives.  My love and unique understanding of them began at a very young age, I have always felt there was so much more I could do for them to give them the best quality of life.  My quest began when my dog Oliver was having some muscular issues that led me to learning about canine massage, I started using some techniques on him and seeing great progress. At the same time I starting working at a barn mucking stalls and there was a horse there that caught my eye, he was a big tall funny horse that always watched me walk up and down the aisle. Every time I'd pass him I would poke his nose and that became our little game we'd play. As I started to get the know the owners of all the horses at the barn and telling them how much I liked him they shared their concerns about his behavior as well as what he'd done in the past. I heard their concerns and understood they were looking out for me but I saw a horse who was asking for help and wanted to change. I knew he needed an alternative approach to start unwinding his trauma so I asked his owner if I could start doing the bodywork I was in classes learning about on him to see if I could help at all and I'll forever be grateful that she gave me that chance. With a lot time, patience and small steps forward he made progress unwinding the trauma that was causing his unpredictable behavior, I'm so grateful that six months later I had the opportunity to be his forever owner and with more time, patience and work I started to see a completely different horse. Through the beginning of his journey and still today he shows me a way of working with horses that I've been able to apply to my practice and help many more horses. I always look forward to helping a horse and their owner have a relationship that they both are hoping for, it takes time, patience and work from everyone but it's worth it!  

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